Value for money - chopping boards
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Value for money – Chopping Boards
Tested by Conor Pope

Conor Pope tested five chopping boards in his Price Watch column for the Irish Times. The Bunbury Board scored a maximum 5 stars and was the only one to do so. His review of the Bunbury Board is as follows:

Highs: This Irish made, eco-friendly board undoubtedly costs a bonkers amount of money [well, he did choose our most expensive one!] but it does have a couple of remarkable features you won’t find anywhere else. It is beautifully made with very grainy oak, and sizeable, but is also slender and lightweight. The best thing about this is neither aesthetic nor practical, but the fact that it is a board with a back story. We got a picture of the Wicklow tree that was used to make it, as well as details of how and why the tree ended up as a chopping board – it blew down in a storm four years ago. This would make for a fine – if odd – wedding present.

Lows: The only disadvantage is the price – it costs nearly twice as much as the next dearest option and is six times more expensive than the cheapest board we reviewed.

Verdict: Fantastic. Expensive but fantastic.

Star rating: *****

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