Bunbury Wood Oil – 500ml


500ml bottle.

For chopping boards, furniture & interior woodwork

No petroleum-based additives. No metallic dryers. Nut-free.

Please note that it is not possible for us to export Bunbury Oil to most countries – it is a flammable liquid and covered by restrictions.  So, we can only deliver Bunbury Oil to Irish addresses.

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Nourishing Wood Oil for wooden chopping boards and interior woodwork. (250ml bottle)

181204 - New label by DVF on my photo


We have been making our own wood since 2016.   It is an oil that we are very happy with and that we love to use.

During 2015/2016, in particular, we carried out significant research in order to create an oil for wood that has some very specific characteristics such as:

  • no petroleum-based solvents,
  • no metallic salts/driers,
  • nut-free,
  • enhances the antiseptic properties of wood,
  • enhances the natural colours and grain of the wood,
  • smells nice
  • can be made in our farmyard
  • contains Irish sourced ingredients as much as possible

A year of research…  Garlic infusions, several cold-pressed oils, weeks of bubbles in jars, deep fat fryers, essences from plants around the world, fish tanks, camping stoves, various solvents and a rice cooker.

151000-post-fireballThere was only one big fireball before we got the “boiling” of linseed oil right!

160914-the-oil-laboratoryThe original Oil room at Lisnavagh.

The magic mix includes wholly Irish cold-pressed linseed oil, boiled at Lisnavagh, combined with genuine turpentine and a splash of orange oil… and a secret ingredient, of course!

The best thing for your sliced bread? – a Bunbury Board...

The best thing for your Bunbury Board? – Bunbury Wood Oil!

OIL0250 - Bunbury Wood Oil (250ml)