Bunbury Boards are Back in the shops

Bunbury Boards are back in the shops after a re-structuring of the business and a re-appraisal of its core values.

Sometimes the only way to fix something is to stop it first.  “To give an analogy, sometimes even the most luxurious liner needs to stop sailing and go into dry dock for a re-fit”, says William Bunbury, Managing Director of the business.  “That’s pretty much what happened with Bunbury boards.   We stopped producing boards for the shops at the end of 2016, which gave us a chance to really look at the business and see how to improve it. We still made a few boards for online sales, and continued to produce furniture, kitchen worktops and other bespoke commissions, but I also had time to re-evaluate how we did things, especially in the administration of the business.”   Within a few months the business was profitable again.

With simplified order processing and financial management systems in place, the availability of skilled craftsmen in the well-equipped workshop and a pre-existing market, William Bunbury found he was in a good position to supply shops again with a familiar and much loved product.

Bunbury Boards became a household name not long after they were first produced in 2008 and they were sold by retailers in Ireland, the UK and all over the world.    A number of new products were developed and tried over the years including wooden kitchen accessories, bowls and wood oil.   The boards were always the most popular sales product.

Apart from the excellent appearance, branding and design of the boards, the main selling point is each board’s traceability right back to the tree from which the board was made.   Every board has a log reference which leads to a downloadable Tree Report giving details of the individual tree from which the wood came.

Bunbury Boards have started to be re-supplied to shops again, including Kilkenny Design in Kilkenny, Standún in Galway and Maison in Carlow.   Prices range from €25 to €80 for the most popular items in the range.   The biggest selling Bunbury Board, the medium waney, retails for around €45.

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Contact William Bunbury at sales@bunburyboards.ie or williambunbury@lisnavagh.com.
Workshop           059 9161784.
Mobile                  087 9875104.

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