Board repair and resoration


Restore your board!   We can bring your Bunbury Board back to life.

These prices are for sanding and oiling restoration work to your board.  For other options, contact us.

Please send your board to us having booked your board in here.   We’ll do the restoration work and send it back to you.

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All boards get tired after a bit of use.

  • Scratch marks from knives and other sharp tools on Bunbury Boards are nothing like as severe as you might find on a plastic board and they can even “heal” to a certain degree after the board is washed & dried and even more so if it is re-oiled.
  • Stains from red wine, beetroot, coffee and other items can be minimised if a board is regularly re-oiled (e.g. with Bunbury Wood Oil), but some stains can still get through.   Boards left in a cupboard or other un-airy place for a while can pick up dampness and get mouldy, which can also cause staining.
  • If there is a live edge on the board and there is bark on that live edge, then after some time, that bark might start to come away from the timber.   We can resecure the bark, remove it altogether or sometimes a bit of both.
  • Split boards are harder to repair but often not impossible.

Sometimes other mishaps may occur and they may be fixable too.

People seem to love their Bunbury Boards and would much prefer to have their board restored than simply to bin it and buy another one.   We are all in favour of that and we get great pleasure from bringing our old friends back to life!

Contact us, ideally with a photo of the board, if you have any questions!

The pricing here is for a basic sanding & reoiling only.   If you have a more complicated problem or would like to discuss other work to be done, please do contact us.

Otherwise, please send your board to us having booked your board in here.   We’ll do the restoration work and send it back to you!

Before restoration


After repair

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