The Motte & Bailey Carving Board (with spikes)


These boards are vying to be the King of all Carving Boards. “The Motte & Bailey” has an elegant style and includes an ingeniously designed swirl for the juices.

[two_fourth]Weight – 5.9 kg
Dimensions – 21 x 15 in
Board Use – Carving

The Motte & Bailey Carving Boards make great Wedding Gifts. All of our Bunbury Boards can be personalised with the names of the Bride and Groom, date of the wedding and a special message for the Bride and Groom. The Bunbury Boards range provides the perfect selection of Personalised Wedding Gifts.[/two_fourth]

[two_fourth_last][notice]PLEASE NOTE
If you choose to engrave your board, the default placement is the bottom-right corner of the board. Click on the image here, for an example up-close view.
Engraving Placement on Bunbury Board[/notice][/two_fourth_last]

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The juice gullies around board lead to a well with a spout for easy pouring of juices after carving. The reverse sides of these handsome boards are also usable and surrounded by a gully to catch crumbs. The ends have a recessed finger slot for easy handling, whichever way up the board is.

[notice]Your Bunbury Board may be made from any one of several species of Irish Hardwood Timber. If you have any particular requests (eg. species preference) please Contact Us to see what might be possible.[/notice]

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Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 in
Board Shape

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