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Bunbury boards are the brainchild of William Bunbury, who, after inheriting the beautiful Lisnavagh Estate in Co Carlow needed to find a sustainable way of making the estate financially viable. The simple chopping board he’s created is making a name for itself in the UK and the US because of its several unique selling points. Firstly, every board is made from wood from the estate, only trees that have fallen naturally are used and there’s a number stamped on the back of each board which gives its history and the history of the tree it came from. Helen Carroll meets the man behind this enterprise that has turned an empty farmyard into one that’s thriving again.

You can see the prodution on the RTE Player here: http://www.rte.ie/player/#!v=1137063. Please have a look – the section on Lisnavagh and Bunbury Boards starts 08:35 into the clip.

Ear To The Ground featured Bunbury Boards and the Lisnavagh Timber Project on RTE television on 21st February 2012. The production was comprehensive and showed much of the background behind the production of Bunbury Boards – where the timber comes from, who makes the boards, why the business began and also a few scenes from elsewhere on Lisnavagh estate to set the whole thing in context. We were thrilled with the production and thought it was very well put together – a huge amount of interesting information is packed in to a few minutes.

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